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/ About Us

Some people call it stealth mode in business. Staying completely offline, and working in secret on a product and company until everything is perfectly “ready”.

However, we didn't want to be all secretive about our idea and vision for the future of crypto in Switzerland. No, that didn't sit very well with us.

Actually, we want to do the exact opposite.

We want to shout our ideas from every rooftop...or perhaps every mountain top.

To attract the right partners, investors, visionaries, and community.

/ The Platform

Crypto.Swiss is a platform, a business ecosystem, and a meeting point for everything crypto in Switzerland.

And we believe we are at the most important stage of our launch.

Interested in building the future of crypto in Switzerland?

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Neumorphic Button Swiss companies looking to co-create together.
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/ From the Desk of Maurits Rijkeboer,
Owner & Founder —Crypto.Swiss

People say “location matters”. And I believe they're right.
Because, there is a good reason why Switzerland is home to over 800 blockchain and crypto companies.

Companies come to Switzerland for its strong historical commitment to privacy, security, and regulatory transparency. The Swiss government saw the disruptive potential that crypto and blockchain technologies will have on global financial systems, and moved quickly to ensure it was a global leader. And they did this through the creation of the “Crypto Valley''. In the same way that Silicon Valley attracts the top companies, tallent, and investors in the technology space...Crypto Valley has done the same for the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. A place where disruptive companies can truly thrive with the right mix of regulatory clarity, tax incentives, and governmental support. Crypto.Swiss is my vision for the future of crypto in Switzerland and around the world. Simply put, it's a platform, a business ecosystem, and a meeting point for everything crypto in Switzerland. I believe in co-creation. If you are interested in the future of crypto in Switzerland, then we should connect.

Yours truly,

Founder & CEO at Crypto Swiss

Contact directly: Maurits@Crypto.Swiss

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